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Watch The Nut Job Full Movie Streaming 2014 Putlocker, Watch32 It’s a children’s movie. There’s not much to expect from it. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about going to see it, but I was pleasantly surprised. There wasn’t much going on, the characters were a bit flat, and I was unimpressed by the lack of strong female characters, or just strong characters in general.

Watch The Nut Job Online Free Full I went to see “The Nut Job” with my younger brother and my parents. He enjoyed it, and for the rest of us there were mild laughs. The animation was, as stated by several other reviewers, something of a saving grace for the film, but even that was a little iffy at times. For content, it was okay.

The Nut Job Watch Free Movie I didn’t have high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed. Really the only part of the film I approved of was the scene at the falls, when our lead Surly makes the decision to plummet with the villain as a sacrifice rather than endanger the rest of the ensemble. Overall it was just an okay film, nothing incredible, but also not as much of a letdown as I had thought it would be.